Whittier Civil Litigation Attorney

Dedicated Representation for Your Civil Litigation Needs

The Law Offices of Tomas D. Requejo is experienced in handling all areas of civil litigation and legal disputes. Civil litigation usually results from a breach of duty to another due to negligence or carelessness and the courts allow individuals to sue for performance or damages. If you are considering pursuing litigation or are involved in litigation, contact a Whittier Civil Litigation Attorney for an initial visit and review of the legal matter. We are an established litigation firm committed to helping our clients with competent legal representation at each stage of litigation. We serve clients throughout the Los Angeles County and Southern California.

About Civil Litigation 

Civil litigation consists of many different types of legal process between plaintiff and defendant follow through the California court system and federal rules. The first step is the filing of a complaint by the plaintiff on the defendant, who in turn must answer the complaint. The next step is discovery where each side gathers information about the parties and all pertinent information about the case through depositions and written questions and answers. There are motions, hearings and other actions that follow the discovery phase. Many clients desire to settle their disputes through mediation or arbitration rather than continuing a lawsuit. If the parties are unable settle their case and come to some agreement between themselves, then the case will go to trial.

We represent clients in civil litigation, including business litigation, business dissolutions, business tortscontract litigation, breach of contract, fraud litigation, regulatory compliance, real estate litigation, construction and assist in legal matters regarding auto dealerships, and other areas where issues can arise. We fight for you and protect your interests at each step of litigation whether inside or outside of the courtroom. We are knowledgeable and skilled civil litigation lawyers committed to getting the best possible results for our clients. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a Whittier Civil Litigation Attorney.