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Legal Information for the Immigration Process

The immigration process can be complex and frustrating, but a knowledgeable Whittier immigration lawyer can provide you with the resources and guidance needed to simplify the process. Attorney Requejo and the staff have personally experienced the various areas of immigration, and are here to give you the legal help you need to navigate the process. We will give you the careful attention you deserve, because we want to make this process as easy and worry-free for you as possible. We are dedicated and determined advocates for our clients in the many different spheres of immigration law. The Law Offices of Tomas D. Requejo can provide you with sound legal counsel in the following areas of immigration law:

Citizenship United States citizenship is a dream for many immigrants. Naturalization is the most common route to citizenship, and an individual must meet a number of requirements before they are even eligible to apply. The application process is multi-faceted, and an experienced attorney can be of great assistance to a person who is determined to be an American citizen. Learn more about citizenship.

Deportation Defense Potential deportation is a difficult and serious threat to a non-citizen's life in the United States. A person involved in deportation proceedings may be able to defend their case depending on a number of factors that can influence the court's decision. Someone faced with deportation must know all their options in order to have the best chance of staying in the country. Learn more about deportation defense.

Employment Visas There are many steps to obtaining an employment visa, and both the applicant and the employer must complete the process correctly. Federal law requires that specific types of documentation, certifications, and applications be submitted and approved for the applicant to qualify for an employment visa. We are very experienced with the different aspects and stages of applying for an employment visa, and can guide you step-by-step. Learn more about employment visas.

Family Immigration As determined by the law, a citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident may be able to sponsor relatives for an immigration visa, allowing them to be together in the United States. The immediate relatives and specific family members of a current citizen or LPR may be eligible for an immigration visa if they meet the proper standards determined by the law. Learn more about family immigration.

Temporary Visas A person who plans to visit the United States for reasons other than immigration or employment must apply for a temporary visa. A temporary visa is necessary if a foreign visitor desires to visit for reasons of business, pleasure, or medical treatment. Specific visas must be applied for depending on the nature of their travel. Learn more about temporary visas.

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